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Event Schedule

DAY 1 (01/09/2010), THEME: Launching of the GNSS/ AFREF Project in Nigeria and the Future of GNSS Services
  • SESSION 1 THEME: Review of how the geomatics community in Nigeria will benefit from GNSS/AFREF (NigNet) Project
  • SESSION 2 THEME: The Nigerian Ground Based Augmentation System (GBAS)
  • SESSION 3 THEME: Modernising geomatics and accuracy improvement within a CORS Network in Nigeria
  • SESSION 4 THEME: Real Time Kinematics (RTK), CORS and Virtual Referencing Station (VRS) networks
  • SESSION 5 THEME: Determination of transformation parameters
DAY 2 (02/09/2010), THEME: Service uses of GBAS Infrastructures & Case Study Presentations

Key Note Presentation Delivery: Benefits of tying a GNSS augmentation to the National Datum

SESSION 1 THEME: Improving Productivity using GBAS Infrastructures
SESSION 2 THEME: Enabling Working at High Levels of Accuracy and Precision
SESSION 3 THEME: Making Sound Investments for GBAS Service Consumption
SESSION 4 THEME: Viability of an Implemented GBAS Network

CASE STUDY 1: Service Provision from a GBAS Infrastructure, Pros and Cons
CASE STUDY 2: Improving Agro Allied Production using GBAS Services
CASE STUDY 3: Aviation and Maritime Control Improvements and Management using GBAS
CASE STUDY 4: Managing Accuracy Demands from GBAS in the Energy Industry



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